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Tattoo Policies:

Deposits: For custom pieces I require a deposit ranging from $50-100 depending on the design. I currently can take deposits via venmo, paypal invoice, or cash in person at the shop. The deposit goes towards the cost of your tattoo and is non-refundable. Please be aware that your deposit will be forfeited by any no-call no-shows, or rescheduling less than 24hrs before your appointment.

Please arrive on time to your appointment! I give clients a grace period of 45 minutes without hearing from you before I will have to reschedule your appointment. If you are running late, please just let me know!

For flash/wannado tattoos I require $50 deposit to reserve your slot, this goes towards the cost of your tattoo as well

Pricing: I charge $150 an hour, and a $50 set-up fee. My minimum is $100.

Flat rate/flash pricing only applies for arms and legs, other placements are hourly rate.

I currently can take payment in cash or venmo. I can't currently take card, sorry!

Please bring a mask for your appointment and wear it during your tattoo appointment.

Tattoo Policies

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do you send custom designs in advance?

Generally speaking no, for several reasons. If requested I can send over a picture of the sketch though to make sure the design is going in the direction you want. I also usually draw up designs during the week before the appointment.

Do you offer free touch-ups?

Yes, as long as you schedule it within a year of receiving your tattoo.

Can I bring my friends to my appointment?

Space at the shop is a bit limited, so I ask that you don't bring more than one extra person, please!

Do you do trades?

I might sometimes be interested in service or art trades. Service trades I might be interested in include hair services and tattoos. Art trades I might be interested in include custom made plushies, fursuit parts or ceramics. Feel free to reach out about a trade via my contact form, but please don't be disappointed if I decline.

Will you tattoo another artist's design/my own drawing?

If you have permission from the original artist to get the design tattooed, then generally speaking yes. I might have to adjust designs to be able to be tattooed. If you don't have permission from the original artist, or want to get an existing tattoo done by someone else I can draw up a new custom design inspired by it, but I won't copy someone else's tattoo design 1:1.

Can I get your design tattooed by someone else?

No, sorry, please don't. You are welcome to reach out about commissioning a custom drawing to get tattooed however.


Preparing for your appointment

Make sure to bring:

◊ current photo ID

◊ mask (to be worn during the appointment)

◊ cash or venmo (we have wifi at the shop), I currently can't yet take card. There is an ATM at the bank next to the shop.


For your appointment:

◊  Dress comfortably, make sure you can easily remove any clothing in the area of your tattoo

◊  Make sure to eat a good meal beforehand, please don't come on an empty stomach! We do have some snacks at the shop as well.

◊  Please be aware that there's not a lot of additional space at the shop for guests, try to limit it to one additional person.

◊  We can provide a variety of different stress/stim toys to distract yourself during your tattoo if need be!

◊  You're welcome to bring some personal entertainment (book, music on headphones, video game) for your session as well as water/snacks. 

Parking Info:

Parking near the shop is limited. There is some street parking behind the shop, as well as one free parking area. The other parking spaces are 2hr/1hr/30min. The MAX station is right in front of the shop.

Preparing for your appointment
Parking Info
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